Dear Lovely Readers,

To be sincere and honest, I dedicate to this blog through my varieties of my writings. All for sharing the life understandings to readers, so they can let any problems be and relax blissfully.

Therefore, allow me to invite you to write the guest post for this blog. Guest post is simply the post that you originally write and summit it for the  potential publication on other blog. In this case, this blog.

Here are some reasons why you become interested in writing the guest post.

  1. Introduce yourself to new audiences. It is the great opportunity to let them enjoy your writing.
  2. Strengthen relationship between us. I would like to have the closed writing friends like you.
  3. Sharing ideas and open views on human life, philosophy, psychology and spirituality.
  4. Creating the future writing project opportunities together. It will be fun and wonderful!




Become interested? Please read 5 simple steps you have to follow.

  1. You might introduce yourself by having nice conversation through any of my posts.
  2. Research posts in this blog ( to get ideas for your guest post.
  3. Make sure that your tone, writing style, post length (300 – 500 words), and language match this blog, where your guest post will be published.
  4. After you finish your writing, please review, edit and attach it to
  5. Introduce yourself with the brief message that I could introduce you to blog followers in your email.

I would like to reserve the right to refuse your writing. However, it doesn’t mean that your work is bad. To be safe, make sure that your post is insightful. Be creative is specially considered.

If your post is published, congratulation. You can share it to your own platform and engage the conversation. Of course, I will get more traffic but that is not the point. There is no one keep the great thoughts with him forever.

We have, so we share! That’s all.

I wish I could publish your writing ideas worth sharing!

Remember, you are always welcomed.

With love

Jade the Mystic



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