About Me

I am the psychology and mindfulness writer from Bangkok, Thailand. This is my personal blog, and my writing is just to serve you insights about your life and mind for personal transformation, mindfulness and ecstasy.

Here is what I have written so far.

1. Life Insight: Actually, you don’t have to understand life but live your life you love and love the life you live. This category just help you enjoy the ideas and concepts.

2. Psyche: To understand your mind and behaviour is important so that we could freely choose the thought, feeling and action to response the situations n front of you.

3. Mindfulness Series: This is the place where you can understand the meditation correctly as well as the benefits, mistakes and questions from my own experience and around the world.

     My goal is to support you to understand life more deeply and improve your mental health, by creating the simple and insightful contents through quotes, articles, books, speeches and comments you could enjoy and apply to your life.

Normally, I will post 4 – 6 times per week, so I cordially invite you to

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3. give your insightful comments for our conversation.
4. contact me for more information here.

     Here are main categories you can check them out.


Life Insight

1. 7 Insights for Freedom Lifestyle
2. Daily Judgement Day

3. Have a True Self
4. Why Should Everyone Love Death?
5. 3 Questions for Happiness


1. Deal with Subconscious Mind
2. Reach the State of Ecstasy 

3. The Secret of Karma
4. 3 Ways to Keep Calm
5. Lessons from Psychodrama

Mindfulness Series

1. Little Known Way to Meditation
2. From Meditator to Lover
3. 3 Lessons from Meditation
4. Meditation Beyond Time and Space
Learn More on Mindfulness

My very brief personal story: From Passion to Compassion

     “Jade” is called by most people as my real name is Sarunjade, “Home of Heart”. I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand since I was born but I once stayed in Dunedin, New Zealand just for 2 months and I really wish I could go back and stay there peacefully.

     It began when I was bullied as a fool before I was graduated from the high school. I felt revengeful even if I had already entered to the faculty of Economics at Thammasat University. The identity crisis also made me desperate so that time I swore to be the successful Economist for my future and the best revenge.

     Although I studied hard in Economic Development, I learned that many economic assumptions look down on human potential. I thought of myself when I was insulted, so I determined to crush assumptions against me and the world through social business instead of being the economist. Plus, I would like to tackle the problem of homelessness due to the flooding in Bangkok 3 years ago damaging my home, my family and people.

     By being myself instead of the economist, social businessman or whoever, I finally know the existence of love and compassion. I just drop the idea to become someone important as the personality that the society give to people, and just love myself, my family, my best friend and empathise people through their feelings.





  1. Hello, Jade! This is a wonderful site and I look forward to seeing your posts in my feed. You may also enjoy some of mine, as we are on the same wavelength; feel free to stop by. Blessings to you my friend and keep on being awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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