When you lose something, cherish it.

Things always come, exist and go away from us. This is the truth that we know well but we cannot understand it really. We attach to it as if it is the part of us without noticing its identification. Some calls this ego. Everything must orbit around us but actually it is impossible. This is not like the magnetic that one try to pull each other and come together. One has his own world. When you keep repeating this imagination, someday your imaginative world is going to be real. That is what the life coach calls, “Mind Workshop.”

However, as mentioned, if you imagine that everything and everyone must go along with your world, you will face trouble. One tries to possess things and control them. When you lose them, you feel so angry or sad. That is crazy because you can live it happily when you haven’t had them before.

It is not the people or things that trouble you but it is attachment that troubles you.

So, possession and attachment … even if they are always together, they are not the same. You possess something but you can “detach” it. Think about the disposable things. When you use it, you can throw it away.

Everyone doesn’t like deprivation. To confess, me too. Ego is with us but that is because of our ignorance too. Here are some points we should understand.

When we lose something, cherish it.

because right now you have the plain paper. It is the chance that you can draw something. Paint something. Kids are happy when they have the colour pencil and paper. So are you!

When you lose somebody, it means that your relationship is real

Like the rose. We love to give roses to the one we love. The real roses. Some may criticise that they don’t like them because someday they will perish but that is the point we give the real ones. Because it is real, it is beautiful. We can be happy and dance with the real thing. You may like the fake one because it will not be perish but note that it is fake. You cannot fall in love with the fake thing otherwise your love is not real too.

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