There is no such thing as unconsciousness.

Right? When the time passes by, there are more and more things you can do automatically. Remember when you learn something new like driving a car. You drove it with highest alert. You hold the steering wheel so tightly that you might cause some accident. That time you are so new to it, so it is the best if you become alert so that you can handle any changes.

However, when you become proficient in driving it, your consciousness fall down because driving has already become the part of you now. You can do it so automatically that you can do the multi-tasks during driving like chewing gum, listen to music or even much more dangerous … texting. Note that at that time you are not unconscious. When we discuss about unconsciousness, it means that your consciousness is ZERO. Noe consciousness at all. You are died but actually you aren’t. You still let yourself drive the car and your mind wander far away.

but it is not different between death and unconsciousness. When one is dead, he is just the object. When you are unconscious, you are like robot, the object. That is why it is said that

do not live your life with carelessness

Whatever you do automatically, you develop trust in yourself. That is great. It should have been like that when we do things with trust rather than fear but do not reduce your consciousness and let mind control you. To be exact, know what your mind wants while you are doing something. While you are driving the car, know that you want to listen to music or miss someone and text to him. Then, bring yourself back to driving.

Stay alert no matter how good you can do whatever you do.

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