What do you choose? Love or Freedom

More than love is freedom.

Actually, love and freedom can go together. Couple might find that they cannot be together. When one wants to do something, another might not feel s/he wants to do. Man has to be together with his partner although he wants to do something else. That happens with many couples. I have one of my friends. He has the girlfriend and now she goes abroad to stay master degree. He yells his freedom. Well, sounds that love and freedom cannot go together. Thus, let’s check your understanding about love and freedom you have know so far.

Common definitions of love:  giving, being together (forever), sex

Real definition of love: (It is stupid to define love with the combination of 26 alphabets)

  1. Love is sex: It is for some people who abuse love as an excuse for sex. Sex is the energy. Love is beyond sex that one could realize the energy.
  2. Love is giving: You see just the surface of love. You must realise what you have had so far that you can give and share.
  3. Love is being together: Here is the problem for one who wants freedom too. You have to choose between love and freedom if you define love like this. I would like to challenge you whether you can love people even if you are not together.

The answer is of course you can! and another thing you have to understand that not all couples are happy while they are being together. They bore each other. That is normal that can happen to many people. When you are together, you talk less and do fewer things together. It is boring.

We always need something new and fresh, and love should be naturally new and fresh,

so this definition has the problem.

Lets look at the common definition of freedom: you can do anything unless you don’t trouble others’s right.

Sound philosophical. You heard this in the political science class a lot but actually freedom is always with the ability to response to your own inner needs, and you can CHOOSE how to response.

That means if love and freedom can go together, you can CHOOSE to do anything that response your inner needs. Sometime you and your partner or even your friends agree to do the same things. If someone doesn’t go to your needs, let him or her go.

Our nature is different. Be yourself.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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