The Art of Chanting: Doing slowly doesn’t mean that you are conscious.

Recently, I keep chanting in the room every morning and I find that

Doing slow doesn’t mean that you are conscious

Of course, when you start to do something new. You have to do it slowly. If you jump on it, you your mind could rush you to desire!

if you hurry, you are following the mind’s scheme.

This is still true when your spend daily life. Actually, the goal is every step you did.

When the goal and journey become the same thing, welcome to life.

but that is not that same case when you are doing something with flow. Have you ever swimming in the pool? When you take yourself on slider, the tide of water will bring you to the pool very fast BUT DURING THAT TIME YOU DO NOTHING! YOU HAVE NOT RUSHED YOURSELF!

That is what I have found while I am chanting. You can chant as fast as you can do but it doesn’t mean that you would like to finish chanting. No. You can still observe the movement of your tongue, lip and voice. You do nothing but let the chanting words passing through you. At that time, you are just the transmitter. No matter what good or bad things come to you, you take it, and you let it pass. Your ego doesn’t exist.

I have tried to focus on word by word so that I could be  more conscious but I was wrong. What I did was to focus and that creates seriousness.

Whatever you do with seriousness, there is always something wrong.

Whatever you do, do it with flow. You will feel like you do nothing. That is when you can do it fast and you can still try holding you consciousness. You don’t have to chanting. You could sing, dance or write. Enjoy every moment you do.

Question 1: So you are going to say that whatever you chant is not important?

Answer: Yes, you can repeat: Barack Obama is the best president in the world. That does not make sense I know. You can say anything even it has no meaning! but do it with flow and WATCH!

Question 2: How was chanting born?

Answer: In the past, there is no Flashdrive or Cloudsourcing for people to store data, so they keep repeating what Lord Buddha, Jesus, Kritsana, Lao Tzu had taught them. Today, there is no need to memorize!

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