Doing nothing will not waste your time.

You are the spiritual laboratory for your own.

You are the light unto yourself. No matter how many problems you have, answers are always within you. Problem is most people “cannot do nothing”. They might think that doing something is the great way to increase their own values but actually they forgot to look inside themselves to realize the value inside. When they didn’t, they keep taking actions and there is no sign they will end doing what they do.

Taking action…sometime you have to stop and be with yourself sometime but that is what I have found. If we stop taking action and doing nothing, mind comes to you. “Hey, why are you going to waste your valuable time to do nothing. Do something!” and you turn to stop doing nothing and take actions again and again. When mind won’t stop, you won’t sop, will you? That is why most people have been tired for all of their lives.

Give yourself time to do nothing. It won’t waste your time.

This is the starting point for you to be the master of your own mind. You just hear your own thoughts. Know it. Be their witness. Then, they will go away from you just like the people you have met: both good and bad one. They know your door, mess your home or decorate it and they will go from you. In Buddhism, it has the classic phrase for this phenomenon.

It is just like that.

When emptiness happens to you, don’t cry. Don’t be sad. Don’t be foolish because there is the plain paper in front of you. Instead of being mournful to the emptiness, cherish it. It is the chance for you to draw or paint new things to the paper.

Your mind is the same. Do nothing. Let silence happen to you, so you will be empty to be ready for welcoming new things.


  1. Oh this is so true. I sometimes have a bit of guilt for taking ten minutes out of my day to meditate – to still my mind – isn’t that ridiculous. I think that stems from people thinking that meditation is doing nothing – which is certainly not true at all. Thanks for sharing.

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