God and Karma don’t care the bad things that happen to you.

I incidentally observe one of the same things shared by Christ and Buddhism “religions”. Religion itself is not the thing you should “cling on”. There should not have had so many religions like today. It is the division not oneness. Because division, we kept fighting against each other to protect their own beliefs. That is unnecessary when we become one, the nature.

It is impossible to change the world with its part. Paradoxically, give up and you can change the world. We were not born to hate each other. We have been taught to hate. Hatred is taught. Love is not.

Christ religion creates God and worship him. When you face any situations, you just say “OMG”. It is as if God has to be responsible for everything that happen to the world. In the legal studies, there is some part called “the act of God”. Yes, when you cannot find the reason why it could happen to you (especially the situation bringing suffering), you just call God. Of course, that will make you feel in the comfort zone because you have never seen him like the person in front of you. Thus, you can throw any responsibility to him anytime and anywhere.

However, that is when you lose your freedom. No one will involve to your business when you can realize and become bale o response your own need and feeling. That is freedom. God deprives you freedom but if you are responsible, God comes to you. So does the freedom.

Buddhists is not different than the God for the christ. Actually, it is more subtle with the belief of “what goes around, comes around”. The buddhists believes that what they have had so far because of what they did in the previous lives. Unlike Christ, buddhists throw their responsibility to the past. Personally, I observe them. When they face failure, they claim that it is because of Karma.

Christs said that their fates is planned by God. Buddhists said their fates is planned by Karma. Is it time to take the responsibility that you have thrown away to God and Karma so far. They don’t know what you have done. Don’t feel relax on throwing it just because you cannot see them.

Be responsible and you will reach God and free from the past!

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