Mind is the dangerous master but the honest servant.

You just put your mind aside.

There is nothing you are against even if your own mind. We know that when we meditate, mind seems problematic. it always give you the stream of thoughts, and when you have low consciousness, you may get involve with this stream. You think something but you don’t realize that you are thinking. When you finally realise that, you may be irritated that you lose consciousness again and again.

However, that is not the time you should irritate. It is the time for celebrating your life because all of your life, you have the time to be beyond your mind. Mind is tricky. Mind is society-made.

but that is not the reason you will destroy it.

Mind exists because it can give you convenience to your life. It is for communication. It is for memorising something that help you life more convenient. Mind is needed when you have the conversation with people but when you are alone, mind is not necessary. With common sense, you are crazy if you are talking with yourself but that is not different if you keep thinking when you are alone..you still talk with yourself in your mind. When you are alone, mind is not need.

So people could misunderstand that you must destroy it to be peaceful. That is the problem because to destroy something, you need mind. You need ego. You cannot destroy something that enable you to destroy. You just put it aside, so that you are the master of mind. When you need mind to communicate to people and calculate members, you just call your mind. It will become your food but don’t let it turn you its tool.

Mind is the dangerous master but the honest servant.

Your choice.

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  1. I am glad you pointed that out, Jade. It is important that we understand that the mind is an important part of this life. It is that part that has to take care for the organization within this physical world. We just need to be careful not to let the mind make all the decisions. Love that!

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