40 Worth-it Life Quotes: The happiness project to supercharge your essence and realize the meaning of life

You can be happy right here right now. 

That is challenging. To be happy suddenly is challenging because there are something you cling on even your luxury treasures and your beloved people. There are some current problems you are not courage enough to let go. It is the ego that stops you to let go.

This book is written is mainly to help you understand the nature of happiness, life and its meaning. 

Life is purposeless. If you set any purpose, you will challenge yourself. You create problem by your own. Frankly, the problem has never existed until it is created by you, and you are going to find the solution to it. It is the never-ending desire. You play with yourself. You trouble yourself. By giving up on any troubles, you are the happiest, and the happiest is the strongest!

Life is short. There is nothing worthwhile to be worried.

Life is not the problem to be solved. It is the reality to be experienced, in the other word, to live with. Be open. Always experience the new things. Life is the experiment. Don’t be sad on the failure. It is the sign to tell your true self. You should celebrate rather than upset. Whenever you fail or feel stressful, give up. That is the sign telling you that what you are doing is not your nature. Change until you find the experience that you are doing simply easily with low effort. If you cannot think the next good thing you would like to do if you give up, continue what you are currently doing. That is your true nature. See? Giving up will fasten you to find your true meaning of life, and drop all unnecessary worries.

When you find yourself, be it.

Don’t try to become others or fake to be them. 

Like Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” You are so unique that you cannot copy others and they cannot copy you. When you are yourself, confidence comes. When you fake or even try to become the perfect person, you may fear that you will not do things well. When you are yourself, you can do what is the nature of you automatically. The confident have never claimed themselves that they are.

When you are yourself, there is nothing to hide and lie. If everyone is themselves, real love exists.

Real love comes when you are real!

No matter why you are depressed, you are wrong. I don’t listen to your excuse not to be able to be happy no matter how reasonable they are. Life is for happiness. Nothing can explain it otherwise it is not happiness. The nature of happiness is totally opposite to the nature of suffering. Suffering has its causes that you can create or eliminate. When they are eliminated, you will feel less suffered NOT HAPPIER!
Happiness is weird. There is nothing you can do to create happiness. Otherwise happiness will always depend on something or someone. When it comes to you, you are happy. When it goes from you, you are unhappy. It is as if it can control the happiness.

You cannot be free when the happiness is still depended on others.

Happiness is rude person who come to your home without telling you but you always welcome him like your friends. For suffering, you may ask why it happens to you and end the cause. For happiness, you cannot ask why you are happy. Try greeting people. When they say they are fine, ask them why. They will find it so hard to answer. That is why happiness is not something you can pursue.

Therefore, be aware of your own desire and feeling. When it comes, accept and let go. Desire has never been real. If you watch it, it won’t stand for long. It is unreal. It is created by your mind. Happiness cannot come when mind still works. The state of no-mind will let the happiness come.

Just live, laugh and love, and everyday is the happy day.

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Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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