How to be friend with the body and mind for meditation?

Be friend with the body and mind.

The mind is tricky. The mind is cunning. When you learn about meditation, you may realize that mind seems the obstacle for you to clam yourself down but it has the reason. Please check yourself whether you are against it or not. This is what you need to understand correctly. Mind is not your enemy. It is part of yours. Actually, human has been evolved with mind for centuries. With mind, you can survive. Mind knows the logic and computes the best strategy for you to survive. It is part of you, so don’t try to be against it.

I know well that when you meditate, mind seems the problem. It tricks you so many things. If you mediate, it will tell you that you are wasting your time on doing nothing. Meditation is cheap. Do something to create the value. Take Action! That is what the successful gurus have taught people all the time. It will trick you everything. If you care so much about the enlightenment, it will tell you that you have already achieved the emptiness, and you are3 going to believe it. Unfortunately, there is no sound when you reach the emptiness. You will never been notified in words that you reach the emptiness. It is the mind game to let you stop wasting your time.

Why does the mind do such many tricks to you so that you will give up on meditation? The reason is simple. You are against it at first without understanding it. You haven’t even observed your own mind. Have you ever seen the stream of the thoughts? If you are interrupted by your thought, just know it. Don’t feel angry on it. It just need you to understand it.

Before you meditate, you can tell the body “Hello, thank you so much for being the best vessel for me to live in and facilitate my life. Please take the rest.” Then tell you mind “Please give me time to rest, and you should take the rest too. You are helpful a lot and you deserve the time to relax.” The body and mind will understand you, so you, body and mind can take the rest. We are in the same place. Rest in peace.


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