Why should happiness come before success?

You will never know whether what you are doing will become successful or not but that is totally not the point. You have to be yourself.

Actually, you have to stop looking your true self outside and start looking it inside and spend your time to be with yourself. In the other word, you have to spend some time to do nothing.

There is always the first time you learn about yourself. You try to do something. You may like it. You may not like it but if you keep doing what you don’t like or feel stressful, you are warned that you are against yourself but if you do things with flow, the creativity will come to you. Whatever you do, do it with flow. You might need to “practice” in your natural ability first like the diamond that needed to be shaped. Them when you perform your ability, forget what you have learned so far. Forget everything. No need to be anxious whether you can do it well or not (and in many cases, no one knows whether you do it incorrectly, so stop worrying) People like you when you perform something naturally not perfectly. You might perform perfect but you are not different than the robot. Life is not there.

Do not try to be the perfectionist. All people won’t orbit around you so you cannot change everyone. To be honest, changing yourself is a lot easier than changing others.

When you perform something with your nature, of course you are happy. That is all. You must be happy in what you are doing so well. Start from here. You must be happy. Life is happiness. I won’t say YOLO but no matter how many lives you have, they deserve happiness without any reasons. If the happiness has its reason, it is not!

Start being happy with what you are doing well not its upcoming results like success, fame and wealth. They will come when what you do can benefit people somehow.

You sing and your voice might please neighbor. You write and your words might inspire people. However, if your voice and your words won’t satisfy people, just don’t care them and chin up! (but you must be happy.)

Your uniqueness may be understood today, tomorrow, next week, next month next, year, next decate, or next century. We have never known like many famous artists, poets and mystics like Oscar Wilde and Jesus. No one understood them at their time. They were born too fast but whether your nature is understood or not is not the point. The point is that

you must live on your own nature.


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