Why should you not verbalize during meditation?

You have never reached the emptiness when you said you have already ready reached it.

Like the confident person. The real one doesn’t have to tell others that s/he is confident. The person who says that s/he is confident once doesn’t have the confidence before. The confidence is nothing but the one’s nature.

Meditation is the same. It is to realize that nothing is worthwhile to be achieved. Emptiness is the heart of the mindfulness. In emptiness, you hear nothing, so

when you realize something during meditation, DO NOT VERBALIZE. Just wait, watch and realize.

No words. They come from mind and mind is subtle. When you think you reach emptiness, you may say to yourself “Is that the emptiness? It must be emptiness. Yes, I can do”

But actually you didn’t. You are still trapped by mind. It is not the meaning of words that matters but the words. Whenever you verbalize, the mind still exists. It is impossible that voice in your head comes from nowhere.

Only mind is the origin of the words.

Thus, do not verbalize. Just silence is beautiful. You don’t have to hurry to reach the emptiness. Hurrying is the problem itself like when you are out of meditation and spend your daily life. You aren’t satisfied in the very present moment of you, so you would like to abandon it to hurry and achieve the goal existing in the future.

The mind doesn’t like the meditation. To be more exactly, it keeps asking you “why are you wasting your time to do nothing worthwhile? Do something. Get up. Just have the sip of tea is fine then.” but when you confirm to relax with the awareness of your posture and the normal functions of your body, the mind will be tired of you.


  1. The ego is never equal to another and in this flaw it is never satisfied. The ego will assign importance to others as it relates to itself.

    The right hemisphere has no words, dialogue, judgment, worry, doubt or boredom.

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