Creativity is the courage to take risk and share something unique.

What is the creativity actually?

Before creativity, you need to be awakening. Try doing something you have never done before. It is like the life which is usually clueless. Without clue, life is dangerous but you are going to live on it. That is how life is charmful for everyone.

Watch and see the new dimensions of the simple things and you will laugh.

Laughing is the great sign of creativity because it is simply how you can relate things which seem unrelated before. Of course, you need to know something. You need to experience something. The memory is needed here as the material and you just need the awareness as the fire to cook it, and the result is the delicious food as the laughing.

However, you need to share what you have seen and what you have done when the creativity happens to you. The song must be released. The art must be shown. The dance must be performed, and the man must laugh loud enough to create the domino effect. This is the courage.

When the creative ideas come to you, be brave to share them regardless of what people will think about them.

You just share your innovative ideas like what I am writing now. When mother got pregnant, she just shares the baby’s life otherwise both will end their lives. There is nothing more creative than life because the only one life can do so many creative things.

Without ego, you can share. Whenever you care the other’s opinions, the masterpiece cannot be born and it is your soul that will become sick. If you try not to share your idea just because you would like to be good-looking in the society, that is when you are in the comfort zone but you are just the coward.

Just share whatever you think, no matter what people will think of you. You are crazy and the craziness will make the society and your soul cheerful.


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