How can you live in the society without losing your nature?

You can live in the society without losing your nature.

The society has taught us to be tough and tackle the challenges that come to you. The difficulty, therefore, has been praised for many centuries. People admire the successful people who pass so many troubles in their lives but is that they way we should define the successful people as the one who must face difficulties and stress.

The society teaches you to lose your nature. The nature of you is unique, and that is the trouble for family, school and government because the unique individual cannot be control. If people are all the same, it will be much better and convenient to control people. The nature becomes enemy to the society. If you live with your own nature, if you live with total relaxation, if you live with the utter happiness, you will never be praised. You are just the normal person. Who cares about the happy person? He has already been fine, so don’t waste time with him and spend time to take care of the suffered people.

That is the real reason why people keep investing in their suffering. The tortured priests are praised. The monks who repress feeling and follow the code of conduct strictly is praised. This is not naturally right.

The question might rise to you. If I live with my own nature, can I still become successful? And the answer is yes which the society will not tell this to you.

You can live with your own nature and “might” become successful.

If what you enjoy in what you are doing. That is the happiness. That is the nature. You cannot stop working on it. It is part of you. You are totally involved in it. You lose your ego and become one with what you are doing. Then, if what you do is useful to people, they will come to you and pay to you with money and fame. That is the success.

Success will never come to you when you aren’t naturally yourself and happy.


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