The concept of Ego is nothing but I, my, me, mine.

Ego starts when you are not satisfied in the very present of you. The present moment has been polluted by the nice word “HOPE”. The society usually tells you that tomorrow it will be better better world and the better life. When you say better, that is the misery inside because it means that right here and right now is miserable for you. That is what society tells you. The companies tell you that if you buy its products, you will become this and that. If you work in there, it will tell you that your current position is not good, so you have to work hard and smart to get the higher position. To become this and that as the goal is hell.

That is when ego happens. It is the tension between the very present and the future moment.

Start from the idea of mine. When you were born, you have no idea that you cannot help and sustain your own life, so the parents and teachers are going to help you and serve you as if you were the king. However, you misunderstood that you are the center of everything. “The sun is mine. The moon is mine. That toy is mine. That doll is mind. Those shoes are mind. That superhero is mine.”

This is the beginning of the ego “possession” when you see things around you.

Then the ego is developed in to the word “my”. The possession concept continues. “These are my shoes. This is my shirt. This is my watch.” You bring yourself related to the things you would like to possess. You abuse the possession word to put yourself into things and even people.

Last is the word “I”. After you possess something, you will become this and that. “I have the Benz, so I am the millionaire. I have just been chosen to be the president, so I am the president.” You have the very wrong idea for yourself, and you start to separate not only from your true self but others too through the comparison. “You don’t have the doctoral degree but I have one. I am smarter than you.”

Ego always gives you the wrong idea about yourself.

Thus, when you said or think “I, my, me, my”, be watchful whether you are clinging to other things and people or not. Detach. Be happy now.

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