Why is Meditation NOT the concentration?

This is the controversial. I used to misunderstand that meditation is the concentration also but actually it is not. Actually, it is totally opposite to the concentration.

The nature of the concentration is like you try to put all energy to the very small needle.

You have to focus on the only one point. When you are taught that you watch your breathe, you misunderstood that you have to focus on you breathe. I focus on my breathe too much that it causes stress rather than peace!

That is how science is. that is what scientists have done for all of their lives. To solve problem, they have to focus on it. Distraction will create trouble for them. Distraction is the obstacle for them to concentration.

However, it is not problem itself that is the problem. The real one is the concentration. For their whole lives, problem is the only one thing in their lives. That is when they miss their beautiful lives. Life has more than the problem. Birds, trees, beautiful places and people are always ready for them to greet and meet. Concentration will throw their lives.

Meditation, of course, is not against life. Actually, it is for life.

To be meditative, you are open to everything not just whet you use to focus.

You listen to everything that passes to you, and you can do that when you relax. Whatever happens, let it happen. Thus, do not focus on anything. Unlike the concentration, let the energy pass through you. You function like the needle for the energy but now you are much bigger than it. You are the pipe for it, and there is

nothing for you to resist.




  1. I am a begginer in meditation, and it is really hard to distinguish from concentration, glad you wrote that. I do get rid of all distractions to meditate. And I try not to make much effort, but I do get carried away by thoughts all the time. I feel I I shouldn’t let that happen: I should put my focus back on here and now. Specially now. I know there is no right and wrong, but do you guys believe such focus is something to… put focus on? And if you don’t, what should I care for? Anxious to hear your thoughts 🙂

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    1. There is nothing you should care. To be more exactly, what you care is the problem but care. Attachment is the problem. Although you focus on breathing in and out, it is wrong but if you just watch your breathe and let it happen by its own, that is meditation. You relax. Should we care the sun? Not our business to make it shine. Should we care the ocean? Not our business to make it wave. Should we care the world? Not our business to change it. It can change itself. – Remember, nothing is impossible, so you just do nothing.

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