Meditation is to listen not to shut your ears!

Allow things to disturb you even if you are meditate.

This is one of the common misunderstanding issues in meditation. You are taught that your mind must stop thinking and become silent when you meditate. Nothing can disturb you anymore. However, the mind is like the monkey. Whenever you have desires, thoughts won’t never be extinguished. This is the nature of your mind and ridiculously that mind is always against silence.

To be silent is not to hear noting but the opposite.

To be silent is to listen to everything that come to you. It is always easy when you meditate in the silent room. No bird singing. No noise from the cars and motorbikes. It is great for meditation.


shutting yourself from the closed room like that will let you miss your life.

You exist. Birds exist. Trees exist. Cars exist. Everything exists. If you refuse something, it means you refuse yourself too. Everything, actually, is the energy. You are the food from plants and animal. The ecology is interdependent. You cannot escape (and you don’t have to)

Thus, the key of the meditation is not to be against the voice. Listen to them. Just know that it is coming to you. Welcome them like you welcome guests with love and care. When it goes, just know it. Just watch it. Everything always comes and goes. Certainty is uncertainty!

Meditation is the practice that help you to be the space. Just the empty space that is beautiful. Look at the room you live in. Do you get benefit from the space of the room or its wall?

It is the empty space that makes the room useful for living. It is the empty space that make the glass useful for drinking. It is the empty space that makes you be useful for the whole existence.

Meditate. Be open. Surrender. Give up, and you are always beautiful.


  1. Oh, I love that: “To be silent is not to hear nothing but the opposite.” So true. When we get silent we get aware of everything around us. Silence is the space between sound and the space from where sound emerges.

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