Challenging Boredom with Meditation

Only the intelligent people feel boredom.

They can notice the repetition of their lives. The circle of life is noticed no matter how big it is. You sleep, wake up, eat, go out of home, work, come back home, and sleep. You were born, exist and die. This repetition has been existed for all generation of human lives. Only the fool cannot notice this. Although they notice it, they always say “yes” to this boredom no matter how willing they are.

The intelligent will see the boredom in their lives. For them, nothing new happens. They are wise enough to say no to this repetition. To deal with boredom, most escapes from it by finding other new things to do. Many things are invented to help them escape from boredom like Alcohol. Yes, it does help but for a while.

Whatever you do to escape the boredom will help you escape from it for a while. In the end, you come to the same boredom again and again.

That is what meditation is boring. However, because it is so boring, it will lead you to enlighten. Meditation is nothing new also. You just relax and watch. Really nothing news happen to you. That is why it is boring but if you meditate, you can watch boredom. Allow yourself to be at the highest boredom. Let yourself feel boredom to the maximum and you can see the boredom.

When I say to watch the boredom, I mean to create the space between you and boredom.

When you can separate yourself from boredom, now who is bored? No one is bored. You are no longer be bored. You are the watcher. You are the witness of the boredom.

When meditation occurs, you don’t have to say yes to boredom anymore because you didn’t act according to it. When meditation occurs, you don’t have to be against it since you are just the witness. Actually, being against it is one of the way to escape it. Sleeping is the one of the way to escape from it. I was suggested to sleep whenever I feel bored but as mention, this is just temporary. I always have to wake up when I finish sleeping.

Watch! and you are no longer be bored.


    1. Intelligence rises when we can see the repetition..when you can see the boredom, you will be longer to be bored at least. If you do something, you will escape from it for a while but if you keep watching it, you will be free from it. 😀

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