3 Different Ways to Deal with Impolite and Negative Criticism

What will you do when you got the unfriendly, impolite and negative words and criticism?

You can go on and react them with same thing. This way is automatic for many people and the reason behind this is that we want them to feel exactly what we feel when we got them with pain. Arguing or revenging has this reason behind. To get the same feeling. however, the result is always not the happy ending. The relationship is damaged or people could be dead in the extreme case. The personal experience toward this word could be distorted when s/he clings to those words too much as if they are his or he part of life.

The more conscious way to “response” those unpleasant word is to be compassionate. Of course, I don’t want to see you as the angel or the Saint Theresa to always be kind to everyone. You don’t have to. What you need is more awareness. Slow yourself down before you response them. In the other word, you give yourself time to response to them so that you can see much more way to response rather than arguing or revenging. Try listen to them and don’t judge anything. Ask yourself how do you feel and the needs that you feel they are not currently response. Ask them ho do they feel and the needs that they feel they are not currently response. Then figure out together how we can response each other’s need.

Compassion to response the impolite is more effective. Get to the point rather than arguing.

Last is so simple. “Listen” with calm. it sounds most difficult especially when we grow up. Be the river. The bad words are like the fire arrows. When they are fired to the river, they are all ineffective. Be like the river. Let them realise by themselves that their words are incentive to you. Their words cannot harm you. They cannot be in your business. You can choose whether you would like to take their words or not.

It is your own life, so you have the full right to choose what to listen and what not to!


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