The surprising idea why you cannot naturally see things as they are.

First, look around you. What do you currently see.

I am writing this on the table with my laptop besides the window. They sky is peacefully blue and the birds are singing. Lucky that there is no raining today.

but I have seen nothing. The table is made from wood. The wood comes from tree. The tree comes from the nutrients and the air and sunlights. If you analyse the components, they are all the group of atoms, and we have never been able to see the atom with our bare eyes. Look at the stars in the night. You will see the light from it but whenever you see it, please note that the stars that shine the light have disappeared for many years since the light needs time and distance to travel to this world.

If you consider the perception in psychology, what they really are and what you interpret them is different. Colour is the great example. Because of the light, we can see colour. You cannot see the colour in the darkness. Colour, therefore is still the illusion we should not cling to it.

Thus, naturally, we are naturally designed not to “sense” things as they are.

Why do human keep creating the nonsense ideologies? I saw many academician who seriously cling to the political and economic philosophers as if their words are the ultimate truth. Economics, Political Sciences and any fields were considered that they can give you the “NEW EYES” If you study Economics, you will be able to see the world differently. If you study Laws, you will see the world that no one can see. However, that is ridiculous. These fields was created by the old philosophers who was dead for centuries. Think about this, these subjects have been carried for centuries. If they are rubbishes, these subjects will smell so bad.

Other words’ are cheap. It is not worthwhile to view the world through it.

I have experience when I try to give the interpretation of the economic policies in Thailand, and I was told that my analysis was wrong, so I ask them back “what is right?” Well, they cannot answer! Wired right? I you know what is wrong, you should have know what it right. Naturally, there is no such things as the right and wrong…good and bad. The judging mind always give you the judgment.

When everything seems wrong to you, what you can trust is your inner self. Again. close your eyes, relax and listen to everything even your own feeling that your hear without any judgment. That is what you can trust. That is your own true experience.

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