The simple truth why life is so simple than you think.

Please think about it because your body needs the simple things like food to relieve hungry time, clothes to help you feel warm and protect from the danger, medicine for health and house for safety. It is simple. You just find them and let them help you sustain your life.

However, our lives are not too simple when you live in the society. We have taught to face the difficulty so that you can achieve fame, wealth and honour. Ask yourself whether fame and honour can sustain your life or not. You body doesn’t care about how famous you are. Your body doesn’t care what you are called by the society. The people’s word doesn’t matter to your body. Life is so simple but the society goes hard on you and develop ego to you.

Therefore, whenever desire comes to you, ask yourself whether the body needs it or not. If not, that desire is not real.

Desire is not real but need is always real. Let me give you the example, suppose you are so hungry. If you feel hungry, and you don’t have any meal. The body will keep calling you to response this need. Thus, the hungry feeling is real. no matter how aggressive you suppress this feeling, it always call you to response.

Desire is not like need. Need can be suppressed but desire cannot be suppressed. Try passing the restaurant that provides you the luxurious and delicious food. When you pass it, you want it suddenly. Ridiculous, before you pass it, you didn’t intend to have any meal. This restaurant creates the demand. It is not the demand that truly comes from you. It is all about marketing. If you have studied marketing, it always teach you how to create the demand to customers. It has never existed until the advertisement is shown!

When you leave that restaurant so far, you won’t feel that you want to have meal inside it anymore. Why does it disappear? Because it is not real. That is desire.


Whatever you can give up is the unreal desire. Whatever you cannot give up is the real need.

Your need will call you. That is your true nature.

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