The Unexpected Reason Why You Don’t Have to Find Any Meaning of Life

I am sure that you have experienced to see the doctor when you get sick in the hospital or clinic. When you see the doctor, s/he will start diagnose you with few questions to get the idea of the symptom you currently have.

The questions start when you think that somethings wrong happens to you. You will never be diagnosed when you feel right and happy. No one gonna ask you why you are so happy. The happy people are so normal. The desperate people will attract people to be interested in you.

That is why people invested in the suffering and difficulty since they were born. They were raised in their family and school to be against the difficulty. Believe that hard working will pay you “in the future”. The truth is that

tomorrow has never come.

When you say tomorrow, you mean the next day. When the next day comes to you, it becomes today. When you say tomorrow today, you mean the next day. The procrastination comes. You trick yourself with the beautiful word called “hope”

The society has always appraised the successful people who pass the difficulty, hasn’t it? Currently in Thailand famous bookstores, there are so many books written about how bad life the author have and then talk about success in the end. The readers like them. This way of writing becomes the formula for the best seller book here.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, happy people is normal.

No one is interested in the normal people. The normal people will not appear in the first page of the newspaper.

The broadcasting will lose the profit if it put the simply happy people on the first page. It will be damn ridiculous to announce that someone currently is the happiest in the world.

Everyone wants to be happy, so the first thing they have to understand is that don’t want anything. The happiness will come to you by itself whenever you relax, live, laugh, and love. Don’t ask any questions to figure out the meaning of life because

Questions are for diagnosing the sick people. You are not sick. Throw questions aways and be happy now.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. Yes, another great post, Jade! I love your thought about suffering. It shows us that something has to be worked out which we don’t see as long as we are happy. Suffering carries the seed of growth which leads to true happiness.

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    1. Suffering … if it won’t kill us, it will sharpen our intelligence… That is the room for us to grow up. For happiness, let it happen by itself. I know that happiness is the rude visitor who comes without noticing us…but we always welcome him. 🙂

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