The thing no one understand after death

There is the one of the successful questions that the success gurus teach you to ask this to yourself everyday.

What is the thing that you want people remember and talk about you after you die?

I understand the one who asks this. He just want you to live your life valuably. I feel welcome to this question. It is the legacy that helps people grow up in their own way. You words, your feeling, and your actions will inspire people to do the great things like you did. It is just like the flower. When it dies, doesn’t mean that its lovely smell will disappear, doesn’t mean that you cannot remember the beauty of the flower, and doesn’t mean that you cannot recall the feeling when you touch it.

However, i just would like you to be careful with this question.

I don’t know who cares when you die but you don’t have to care.

When you die, you cannot do anything. When things happen after you die and you don’t want to let it happen. what can you do? No, you can do nothing. You cannot stop people curse you. You cannot stop people look down on you. Sounds negative but that is the same case for the good things that will happen.

No matter the good and bad things happen, it is not your business anymore after you die.

This is one of the lesson that you can get from your death. You are out of the world. You can do nothing to whatever happen. This lesson can be applied when you are alive too.

When you are alive, you cannot control them.

“Control” seems that it is the good word but actually it is totally opposite. It will bring stress to you. That is why many people say “life is suffering” because they control something. They hold something, and they did so tightly that what they cling to won;t allow them to be free. Do you understand my point? As long as you hold something, that things will hold your life.

They also say “they can be free after they die”….why did they said like that? Find it tomorrow.

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