Love without freedom is like the angel without wings

Love without freedom is not the real love at all. When you love someone, you try to label him or her as your parent, friend, partner. That is the beginning of the hectic turning point because love is your totality but you are against it by dividing it with the label. Love is love. You cannot divide it. Dividing love is the beginning of trouble. That is what the society tries to tell people with the simple reason that each can know each roles and responsibility. The society has the point but not the case for love. I won’t be against the social position. If people don’t recognize the roles and responsibilities, we cannot help each other.

However, love has never known any definitions that the society has given to you.

I won’t say that God is love but I am sure that love is God,

and God has never care who you are. “You” are the one who can realize who you are. That is when God comes to you.

Real love won’t come to you when you realize your true self. I will not say that you must not listen to your mind but you need to listen to your heart more that your mind.

Feel less, think more.

Your feeling is honest to you since it comes from your inner needs. Your thoughts could come from the desires created by the ego, the false center of yours.

Thus, when you decide to love someone, spend time with him or her together. Leverage your awareness to notice things that person does good things to you no matter how small they are.

“Thank you” is the simply powerful word for me, you and everyone.

Leverage your awareness to be creative that makes people laugh. Try comparing things and situations that have never been related. (Metaphor) Leverage your awareness to see much more choices you can take actions. That is the freedom.

Love should go along with the freedom. They are like the wings of bird. Love only cannot let the bird fly. Freedom is another wing. Love without freedom is just like the angel without wings, and any definitions that you give to love and the social position, the mask, deprives the freedom from you. As long as you follow your roles rather that your self, you won’t experience true love.

How about letting go any kinds of words and masks? I am sure that love doesn’t exist to be defined but freed.

Bless you.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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