At first, the coward and the courageous person are not different. Both have fear but the coward listens and follows his fears. The courageous person puts them away and move on. Yes, fears still exist there but he dare to go into the unknown in spite of all the fears. Courage does not mean you fear nothing but nothing is worthwhile to be fear. Actually, everything is worthwhile to let you experience without having clue about the future.

Because one never knows what is going to happen and you are leaving the “comfort zone” safety. You were perfectly okay but you will definitely miss only one thing  – adventure.

Going into the unknown gives you a thrill. The heart starts pulsating; again you are alive, fully alive. Every fiber of your being is alive because you have accepted the challenge of the unknown.

To accept the challenge of the unknown is courage.

The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly, slowly those fears disappear. The joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp. You start feeling that life is not just a boredom. Life is an adventure. Slowly, slowly fears disappear and you go on seeking and searching for new adventures.

Courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable arduous pilgrimage to some unknown destination. One never knows whether one will be able to make it or not until he experience things.

That is why any beliefs and what you so called “religion” is just for the coward because belief is the biggest obstacle for you to experience things around you. The sun is in front of you. Yet, you close your eyes and set the believe that it is in front of you. That is ridiculous.

Be courage! Life is mysterious that you have to live it anyway.


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. “Courage is risking the known for the unknown” what a powerful sentence, Jade. Doing something we never did always looks risky, although we have no guarantee that the known persists… but we believe it. Going for the unkonw is always confusing but the only way to grow.

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