Is it the time for finding identity?

To be honest, identity is the problem. It is what people try to define you even your existence. When you are defined by different people, you will be confused and become stressful. You would like to know who you really are.

That is why so many people want to know who they are sooner. The more they know themselves, the more they can work happily on what they truly love (and become successful). Thus, teachers, parents and gurus come to them, ask them the  philosophical questions, and help them answer them all like “What is your dream career in the future?”

However, the paradigm between children and adults are totally different. Kids have never contemplated in this stupid question but they will become fools who try to answer it when they become adults or even old. That is what I would like to call…

Identity Crisis.

I believe that al everyone passed this crisis. I am the one of them also. When the time passes by, i finally found that that crisis is stupid. Like I said before, look at the kids. Many have talent to do things. We could even seen them showing their dancing steps, playing guitars and so many thing in, for example, The Got Talent show. It shows the right point.

If you know what you are good at, that will tell who you really are not the other’s words.

It is not your name that tells who you are.

It is not your social and cultural position that tells who you are.

It is not even religion and politics that tells who you are.

You are yourself. What you do very well with relaxation will tell who you are.

That is also the reason why I feel, to be honest, ignorant in LGBT Campaign. There is no such thing as a man, a woman, a lesbian, a gay, a bisexual or even transgender. Individual is so unique that gender “identification” cannot bound who the one is. Truth to be told, it is the society that originally tries to kill the nature of human. If one is born not to express like man, he is judged as the transgender and his parents will force him to be a man. That is tragedy. Even he was born, express like a man but is forced to be a man, that is also the tragedy.

Not only in the case of the gender but also the religion, politics, sociology and whatever the subject that everyone has studied (or I could say “memorize, take exam, and forget”), they exist to tell you who you are, Now they are the greatest barrier to do it.

Talk is cheap. Let’s relax and do whatever you feel relax.

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