The Walking Meditation: Mindfulness is not always against the action.

Novices can try your three simple meditation exercises below just about anywhere, at anytime. Go little by little, and be loving and gentle along with yourself. It’s natural for the mind to wander when you try to concentration, then when it does, do not distress.

Try walking meditation.

Find space outside, and simply walk in a slow or method pace, focusing with your feet. Try to tell apart when your feet touches down the bottom, when your ft . is flat in the grass and when your current toe points rear upward. Feel the roll of your foot. Observe sensory details: a tingle in this article, a pull on the sock there.

As soon as your mind wanders, also it will, gently bring your attention to your feet.

You’re constructing a skill of noticing once your attention drifts into default mode and bringing it back into focus. This ability will help you be more present and in command of your attention every day, especially in situations of stress.

and as I have explained so far in previous post, you can learn so many things when you meditation. You are the life laboratory yourself. The answer has already been with you. What you have to do is just to find it inside your own being. You have to do that, and here is what you could find during walking meditation.

Not all paradoxes are all the truth but the truth is usually paradox. Have you ever observed while you are walking? You lift one foot when another must not move but stay still.

You need both stillness and movement to spend your life.

You cannot deny your mind and use your heart only, and vice versa. They must be together. You cannot deny noise and stay in silence only, and vice versa. They must be together.


  1. I use this to lengthen the time novices can sit. Ten minutes sits with a three minute walking meditation extends the time spent. Mist elongates their sits and gets them comfortable with longer directions.

    Also I believe it is a bridge to take our sitting meditation and get it moving. It is like we are taking our sitting practice and entering it into real life by moving and still,focusing.

    It also gives us another way during the day of practicing.

    I combine this with 3,6,9 and 12 breath exercises, application.

    Inhale three seconds pause two seconds exhale three second pause two seconds

    10″ second breath cycles.

    3 breathes equals 30″ seconds
    6 one minute

    12 two minutes

    Practice during the day, let go, come back, be aware.

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    1. That sounds very interesting especially for you. Each has his own techniques for relaxing himself watchfully. However, in the end, we have to drop all techniques anyway. No counting, no chanting. Just resting with silence.

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