You don’t have to read this post to be happy. You can be happy now!

In this world of awareness, nothing is so delightful like celebration. Celebration is a lot like watering a plant. Worry is just the complete opposite of celebration; it is really a cutting the actual roots.

Experience happiness! Dance with all your silence. This moment is here – enough! Why ask for more? Tomorrow will take care of itself. This minute is your life; why not really live it, celebrate it, share it, enjoy it? Let your life become a song, a dance, a poetry; allow it to go be inventive. Let the silence become creative; take a step with your own life.

Millions of things are possible because there’s nothing more inventive than silence.

No need to become very excellent painter, world-famous, a Picasso. You should not become a Henry Moore; you don’t need to become an incredible poet. Those ambitions of being great are from the mind, not from the silence.

Once you know that the harder you rejoice, the more is given to you, the harder you discuss, the more you in turn become capable of receiving it…. Each minute it continues on growing, developing. And the subsequent moment is usually born out of this moment, why then worry about it? If this particular moment is usually silent, how the next moment may be chaos? From where could it come? It may be born out of this moment.

If you simply cheerful this minute, how next moment are you miserable?

If you need the upcoming moment to become unhappy, you will need to become unhappy within this moment, because from unhappiness, unhappiness arrives; out of happiness, happiness arrives. Whatsoever you would like to reap next moment, you will need to sew right this moment. Once the actual worry is usually allowed therefore you start convinced that chaos arrive, it arrive; you have previously brought the idea. Now you will need to reap the idea; it has recently come. You should not wait for that next minute; it is there. Don’t forget this.

It is so rare to accomplish a minute of delight, bliss – never waste the idea in pondering.

Energy has to turn creative. Unless you use the idea for delight, the similar energy are going to be used for unhappiness. And for unhappiness you’ve such deep-rooted habits that this energy flow is extremely loose and natural. For happiness it’s an uphill process.

Only this particular moment is usually left, pure, intense having energy. Take it! Whether it is silence, become grateful. Whether it is blissful, say thanks to existence, have confidence in it. And when you can trust, it will eventually grow.


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