Your life has started already. Not the commencement day!

When I nearly graduated from the High School … (umm 8-9 years ago), my principal said

Hey, do you all think that finishing the high school life is the success and the end of your life? No! Your life haven’t started yet!

When I attended the graduation from the university three years ago, the the university announced that the graduation day is the commencement day. It is the day of “start”.

Therefore, I have a challenging question I would like to ask teachers, professors and the rulers in the society…

Why do the students just  start their life? If you be positive on this question, I could say that they will start learning the new things from “life”. More responsibility the graduates must take care. The lifelong learning is vital.

I always tell people to know nothing, so that you could always learn the new things like the children who are always curious on everything around them. Yes, be empty to learn.

However, that is worthwhile to be suspicious. If the “start” is what I just explained, the why don’t we had always learned since we were born? Why do we have to wait for the graduation day or any day that the society have determined so far? Children day? Education day? Any important day?

Is there any reason why we could not learn about our lives since we were born?

I said yes, it has the reason, and it is all about obedience. It is all about ruling. That is for maintaining the society who claims that people need to be interdependent. However, the fact is not going to be like that. We could see that people in some country go on protest to force government to be responsible on that and take care of that as if they don’t want to take charge of their responsibility. They lose their freedom. That is what the ruler wants. That is the teacher wants. That is what the so-called leader wants.

If the individual starts to learn about life by himself, the society cannot exist. He will be fully responsible for his lifelong learning. They don’t need any curriculum that the ministry of the education  offers through schools.

What happen if the individual goes on trial and error, keep talking to himself what he can do with the flow and what he do with stress, get to know his true self, create his own curriculum, follow it with his own natural discipline, and become skilful on his best enough to share benefit to himself and people?

Being responsibility in lifelong learning is rebellious.

With people with responsibility, the government is more unnecessary. The ruler is unnecessary. The society is unnecessary. Thus, the society will not allow you to learn about your life earlier. This is the reason why you cannot learn everything about life in schools.

Learn, and dare to grow up!

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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