What makes you happy can make you unhappy.

Yes, you read it right. What makes you happy can make you unhappy, and I could say that what makes you unhappy can make you happy too.

If you are happy with something, you will be unhappy when it is deprived from you. If it is given to you, you will be happy.

If you are unhappy with something, you will be happy when it is deprived from you. If it comes to you, you will be unhappy.

What kind of the happiness it is?

I have to tell you this sincerely since we are currently living in the world that is relative. Comparison is unavoidable for the one who loses his mind…or to be correct, the one who loses himself with his own mind. Happiness in the relative world is just like the light. You may feel that the light in your room is bright but it is nothing when it is with the lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse is nothing when it is with the sun. If you open the flashlight and turn it in the room with the bright lights, your light rom it is nothing.

Do you see my point? Your happiness is like those lights. You need somethings to make you feel happy. You need something to compare with what you have so far. Comparison is hell. I could say it again. Comparison is hell. It is really hell when you compare. You have the normal house, then you see another who has the bigger and more luxurious house. You feel unhappy just because of that house. How can that house be related to your happiness? You feel like you lack of something, and you feel unhappy. If you have one, you will be happy.

Same case when you already have the house. Then, you may see the homeless and feel happy. I would like to ask you how is their homelessness related to your happiness?

What I would like to point you is that happiness that comes from relying on something or someone is not the real one. If there is the cause of suffering, you just remove it. That will make you just feel less suffering. However, that is not the happiness.

 The true happiness happens without cause.

Nothing can deprive that happiness from you. There is no cause of happiness at the very first time, so how can others even yourself create or remove the cause of happiness.

If you would like to be happy, Now! is the best time.


  1. Very, very good post, Jade! What “makes” us happy is never of persistence since it always comes from outside. We need to be happy from inside and give it to the outside. That is when happiness becomes a condition and not an emotion.

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  2. Really appreciating this post, Jade!!! When I get lost in the moment doing what I LOVE and BEing where I Love to BE, I experience true happiness. It is. A state of BEing. Of BEing True to ourselves. (smile) Great post!!! ❤


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