Zen of Hot Chocolate: The only reason it is beneficial to meditate.

If you know a little bit about Zen mindfulness, you will probably understand how Zen understand dthe universe through just one cup of hot tea. It is amazing when it comes to this issue because you can unlock the life secret without any effort to take any adventure outside.

Today, I just went to Pattaya where is one of the popular town especially for foreigners in Thailand. My friends brought me to go to the walking street but I felt so bored and tired.

Thus, I asked them to leave me alone in the small peaceful coffee shop at the end of the walking street. It is located among the noisy place, and I feel so fascinated.

I just ordered the cup of hot chocolate, sat alone, dip it and watch people through the mirror of the coffee shop. Personally, I just felt nostalgic. I miss when I got lost in the storm on the Maori Hill in New Zealand 5 years ago, then I found the Maori Café and she did treat me the cup of hot chocolate.

I wish I could have it there again.

Sitting in the coffee shop, I was shaking the cup. Incidentally, I found the life lessons.

I learn that there are some ingredients in the hot chocolate. I know that as long as I am shaking it, they will still mix together.

However, if I stop, there will be some ingredients that will stay still at the bottom of the cup. Sugar, milk and more will stay still there and the pure chocolate will become on top.

I really learn the mindfulness from just shaking the cup of chocolate. It is like when we think. Our thoughts will always mix up together. One thought can jump into another one.  You cannot find yourself relax and peaceful when you keep thinking (too much) like when I keep shaking the cup of chocolate. You will never taste the glimpse of pure life like the chocolate that has mixed with sugar and milk.

However, if you are no longer to involve with your mind, you will see the problem clearer and you will live your life more purely like the pure chocolate that you have no longer shaking it anymore. You can taste it purely like your life.

Meditation is just like the soul detoxication. It will help you be aware of what you should care and what you should not care.

What you should care is whatever that make you feel relax. What you should not care is whatever that make you feel stressful. Meditation is the medicine itself.

Awareness is raised more easily whenever you don’t rush your life. Actually, there is nothing worthwhile for you to rush for. That is why most people say “life is short”. Yes, it is short but it is short for the people who have never been observing and appreciated to whatever comes to them. Meditation is the way to enlarge your life. Although you are mortal because of your body but the mediation will help you be immortal for your soul.


  1. I love the metaphor with the chocolate. Only when we stay in motion we get the whole dose of life. Otherwise we stick with the bottom. Oh, and I love to sit alone in a coffee shop and just watching what happens around me. But mostly I am having a coffee ….. with chocolate 😉

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