Courage to understand people is the key to transform anger to compassion.

Watch this first and you will understand. It is worthwhile, please watch!

I watch this and to be honest, I start feeling…so angry to the one who threaten the Angora Rabbit. I write this not only to promote the prohibition of Angora products but also to teach you

that your anger is really nothing but the compassion.

The energy for anger is the energy for compassion. All of what you need is “understanding”. Understand your own need. Understand your thoughts. Understand your feelings. Understand other’s needs. Understand other’s thoughts. Understand other’s feeling.

but you need courage and consciousness to be compassionate. You don’t need to control or even manage your anger. Any advises of anger management are useless and unhealthy in the long run. No, you don’t have to do anything with anger.

You need to be courageous to go and meet the strangers and haters. I know it is not easy and my advise is fantasy but believe me

the hater is just lover who is coward to understand people’s heart.

I don’t believe that you are the coward, not you, the follower of this blog at least. If you used to hate yourself, then be both courage and conscious to know your needs, thoughts and feelings more.

Be courage,

get out of your comfort zone,

stand among the haters,

start sharing each other’s joy and pain.


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