Warning: There is no way you can sacrifice your ego

Sacrificing the ego is impossible. The ego are not sacrificed because the ego prevails not. The ego is merely all idea: it does not have any substance in it. It is not something – it’s just pure nothing. You allow it truth by believing in it. You can certainly withdraw belief along with the reality is gone, evaporates.

The confidence is a form of absence. Since you also don’t know yourself, for this reason the confidence.

The moment you realize yourself, no ego is available.

The ego is a lot like darkness; darkness does not have any positive lifestyle of its; it is simply the lack of light. You can’t fight with darkness, or would you? You cannot throw darkness out of your room; you cannot remove it, you cannot get it in. You can’t do anything with darkness directly. If you need to do anything with darkness, you must do a thing with lighting. If a person put the actual light in, there isn’t any darkness; in case you put the actual light off, there is darkness.

Darkness is only the lack of light, consequently is confidence: absence of self-knowledge. You can’t sacrifice that.

It may be told to your account repeatedly: “Sacrifice the ego” – along with the statement is patently ridiculous, because something that doesn’t exist are not sacrificed. And when you try to sacrifice that, something which is not there to start with at all, you are going to be creating the latest ego – the actual ego from the humble, the ego from the egoless, the confidence of the one who thinks he’s sacrificed the ego. Will probably be a new kind of darkness once again.

No, I don’t say to you sacrifice the confidence. On the actual contrary,

try to see where the ego is. Look deep into it.

Try to uncover it, wherever it prevails, whether that exists at all or not necessarily. Before one can sacrifice anything one have to be certain with regards to its lifestyle.

But don’t end up being against it through the very starting. If you happen to be against that, you cannot look deep into it. There is no requirement to be in opposition to anything. The ego is the experience – maybe it’s just noticeable, but it’s still the experience. Your whole life moves throughout the phenomenon from the ego. It might be a dream, but to your account it is so true.

You shouldn’t have to end up being against that. Dive deep into it, go into it. Going into it means getting awareness into your house, bringing lighting into darkness. Be inform, watchful.

Watch the strategies to the confidence, how that functions, how that manages at all.

And you will end up surprised: the much deeper you get into it, the less it’s found. And if you have penetrated towards the very core of one’s being, you will discover something completely different which is not ego, which is egolessness. It truly is self, supreme personal – it’s godliness.


    1. Very good question, and congratulations that you notice your ego. When you realize it exists, you can choose how to deal with the situation. You could go along with your ego, or you have the more creative than that. Realizing our ego is the first step that lead ti much more choice. It is the awareness that you have already gained. Just go beyond your ego. Simple 🙂

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  1. I love this sentence: “The moment you realize yourself, no ego is available.” It is like the subtitle of my book: Awareness of Who You Are in Realizing Who You are Not!” Discover yourself and you can let go of the ego. Or discover the ego, remove it and see what is left…

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  2. Loved this post, Jade. It is so true once you really know yourself, there is no darkness. But, and I say this from experience. Even knowing oneself, a day comes along when something you say or do or think shocks you. Really? That is from ME? Slippery fellow ego is, and even knowing yourself, that doesn’t mean you stop growing. With growth comes more aspects of you consciously seen, and within that emerging, yes, lies ego. Once that is seen and Light shone on it, and the more you practice changed thoughts, actions, or words to line up with the Light, again no more ego. Life is truly challenging and so multi-layered that it boggles the mind. Thank you for these words …. they really got me thinking as you can see. 🙂 Love, Amy ❤

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