I got the ticket to be the one of 550 listeners in TEDxBangkok – 13 June 2015

You read this correctly. I am honourably chosen to be the one of 550 listeners in TEDxBangkok. Of course, what I will see “tomorrow” in front of my eyes and what I will have listened so far will not be as important as “Ideas that will crazily dance in my head.” I won’t miss to share with you! TEDxBangkok selected the listeners with the application form. Here are my answers. Enjoy!

Your Story: I always enjoy and dedicate myself to help people master their mind, attain mindfulness and live your life joyfully by writing books and articles daily, and entertaining them with speeches normally once a month. I become skilful in storytelling and speaking to inform, and elected as the President of Saturday Toastmaster Club where people comes to sharpen their public speaking and leadership skills. I am always joyful when people like my parents, friends and even strangers fall in love with the blessing sweet cards I have written and given for their important days with my sincere heart.
Your Involvement: Bullying becomes the universal violence. 8 years ago, Thailand was ranked 2nd where 40% of high school students were bullied. Japan was the 1st with 60%. In 2014, 1 in 3 of U.S. students have been bullied at school. More bullied teenagers as your children will grow up with low self esteem, relationship despair, vengeance and idea of committing suicide. Within 7 minutes, I can share insights that audiences can pass to them so that their children can be mentally strong, and celebrate their lives among the difference. (My speech is given in English to spread the message worldwide.)
Talk to me about…: Philosophy, Public Speaking, Personal Branding
Your Profile: [1] My Psychology and Mindfulness blog: https://jadethemystic.com/about-me/ [2] 1st Winner on the Speech Contest 2015 and President in Saturday Toastmaster Club: http://goo.gl/L6A9uR [3] My Published E-Book “Real Love is Free”: http://goo.gl/tOjcSX
What else?: If success gurus say “don’t give up”, I will say “give up, give up, give up. Give up until you cannot give up”. If George Bernard Shaw say “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself”, I will say “Life is neither of them. Be yourself” If Mahatma Ghanti says “In the gentle way, you can shake the world.”, I will say “We don’t want any earthquakes anymore thanks.” I love being creatively rebellious on famous people’s quotes. Here are more proofs: http://goo.gl/hm2aPI
Require Simultaneous Translation?: No (Note: The Talks tomorrow will be Thai.)
Any special needs?: No matter I will be selected as the one of the listeners, please take care of staffs, who help settle this event, as well as speakers and listeners. Their impressive dedication is unforgettable.

I found that whenever you have to apply for job, academic degree or whatever, BE YOURSELF! If they reject you, don’t be upset. Remember,

being rejected when you are yourself is much better than being accepted when you are fake!


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