I got this ideas when I visit the psychology professors in Bangkok. They asked me how to promote their psychology wellness centre so that the students university will come and use their services.

First, do not turn yourself as the saint. You cannot be saint when everyone is happy. You need someone to be unhappy and painful so that you can become saints, monks, politicians, doctors even psychotherapists.

That is why you could still see many people having trouble. May be society don’t allow us to be happy and healthy. However, person usually has problems in his or her life in every dimensions; wealth, health, work, environment, family, love an so on. If you don’t meditate to create space between yourself and your problems by your own, you may need someone to help you see them in the different angles. Here are they (especially in Thailand)



Friend (and family)

This is simply understandable. You would like to tell everything including your secrets to your closed friends and family whom you have spent time most with. Th keys are “trust” and “love”. Love and friendship are the best medicine for human as well as meditation. Even if you haven’t start consulting with them, you will feel better when you are with them. You will feel relax and encouraged.


Fortune Teller

Many people become so worry about the future. They would like to know the image of their own future. They commonly worry about relationship, work and money. However, knowing the answer of your future will make yourself dull. You know the answer before the questions rise. That is boring and foolish. No intelligence and maturity there.

If you really would like to know the future, I myself can tell you. Your future will always be great! If I told you that your future is bad, you will do everything to make your future great, then it is great as you want. If I told you it is good, you will do everything to make my prediction true, then it is great!



Disc Jockey

I don’t make any joke. Disc Jockey is one of the best way people can pick their mobiles, talk and explain their problems to him or her. The conversation will live on the radio. In Bangkok, they are called “Club Friday”. These DJs know nothing about counseling psychology but they become so popular that the cases that they gave advices are improvised to the series every Friday. The interesting cases are the forbidden love between teacher and the high school student.

These are people everyone commonly rely on. Psychologists could become the great way you would like to consult with. Unfortunately, psychology itself is negatively perceived in Thailand as the field for the psychosis. That is why “they” ask me this question. Sadly, I told them to shade away the professional image of psychologists first to become much more accessible to students. (I guess my suggestion doesn’t satisfied them.)


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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