3 Survival Strategies that are against mindfulness

Let’s dig your minds down which have been evolved since prehistoric age. Human will do everything to survive just like animals. I found this insight useful from “Buddha’s Brain” (Watch out the attitude of the writer very carefully while reading this). Our brains grow much bigger than the part because they are evolved for being survived in this world. Here are three strategies for human to survive.


You always carry the workshop inside you. The workshop that can help you identify your own world and the real word. Your world that mind creates, and the world that nature creates. Everything that you perceive happens twice. First is in your mind. Second is in front of your eyes. Some said that it is the the basic psychic power. You can make everything happens in front of you. If you want something happens in front of you, you just take action.

That is problem. What if things won’t happen and go along with your “workshop”. These situations could happen naturally but That can cause suffering to you.

3 Great Reasons You Should Give Up Being-34

In the other word, try to achieve the statement of “balance” (not balancing) You have to stabilise your physical and mental health. If something goes too well (and easily), you might seek for challenge. If something goes bad, you can think positively by your mind. To keep yourself in balance, you have to “control” surrounding too.

and that is stressful. Try to control everything beyond yourself just to get balance. It is like you stand still on the single rope tied at the opposite side of the valley. You cannot fail but your seriousness will make you fail. That is disease. I mean..dis-ease. Any little changes can kill you!

3 Great Reasons You Should Give Up Being-32

To pass the human generation, they have to hunt for food and escape any danger. That will lead you to the long term pain. Nowadays there are much more things that “allure” you more than the plain food. Accessories, luxurious cars and lifestyles. They are commonly called “dream”. How long you keep hunting for them? When will you stop hunting for them. They “promise” that they will make you happy. They keep promising and giving hope but they currently given you feeling of starvation and even deprivation.

Today is Visakhabhucha’day, one of the most important days for Buddhism but I won’t explain how it is important and its story. However, this could be the reason why the lord Buddha and his followers (monks) carried their bowl every morning and invited people to give them food. This is their trick to end the hunting survival strategy that could bring suffering.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


    1. Balance is death since there is nothing moving. Balancing is life since there is something moving between good and bad. 🙂 – I guess I will try making my posts more visual and yes…the new look helps me refresh my desire for writing too. :))

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