Little Things You Should Know About Chanting for Mindfulness?

Chanting have been practiced from many religions. In Buddhism, the language for chanting is in Bali. Buddhists keep chanting with this language without knowing the meaning behind it. No t all monks and nuns who know every meaning of the chanting words. However, something miracle could happen to the one who keeps chanting. That miracle is that chanting can bring you silence.

That is when people misunderstand that chanting itself is holiness. Monks and buddhists keep chanting without consciousness. The language is boring. Going in the temple to chant every morning and evening is boring as if life is not there. This activity is repeated. When you cannot keep calm, you have to do something. Observe yourself. You cannot stay still. Your mind is running. You have to do something so that you “become” worthwhile.

That is the egocentric strategy and chanting is the part of it. That is not over. If you observe the language like Bali, the buddhists will feel as if they are doing something holy.

Of course,

because you don’t understand it, you misunderstood that what you don’t understand is holy. That is unreasonable.

Let me give you the example.

There is the chanting poem appraising the Lord Buddha. One of his characters is the ability to go beyond time. (Akaligo)

First, most people don’t know (and don’t care) what “AKALIGO” means. That is the first ignorance.

Second, it means “the ability to go beyond time”. Wow, Lord Buddha is holy. That is the second ignorance.

This is the reason why chanting was born.

It was for remembering things.

In the past, there is no internet, no WordPress, no USB and no crowdsourcing, so chanting is the best way to record things. What about now? Chanting loses its core importance

However, the ability to go beyond time is very simple. It is to live right here and now. Being present has never connect you to the past and future. Everyone can do that.

However, it is not chanting that has to be blamed. Your unconsciousness has to be blamed. Whatever you do, do it watchfully.

You are not doing something.

You are watching yourself doing something.

You can chant with any language and meaning. it is not important for the word you chant. It is important for how you chant. You can say anything even the stupid words.

To chant is like to do other thing consciously.

Don’t chant too fast.

It is your mind that want you to finish this boring words.

Pay full at-ten-tion to every word you spell.

That is the holiness. Your full attention is holiness not chanting. People who claims that chanting can heal their soul is not completely true. it is their own awareness that heal their soul.


  1. Very true, Jade. Over here we have a saying: “The sound makes the music.” We can say the nicest words but still it can sound offending, ironic, annoying, stressful… simply not fitting the words. But also the other way around!

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