4 Steps to practice Compassion Skills

Passion of yours is valuable to dedicate to the work you really love but here is what you should notice.

What is more important then passion is compassion.

Compassion is the best compass toward human’s heart. Every action that human take has reasons that are understandable although you don’t agree with those actions. If you see someone stealing for helping his family, you can compassionate that he and his family feel so starve and they want to be fulfil yet we can completely disagree on stealing of course.

The more people we live with, the more important the compassion skill is. You don’t live lonely in this world. You are not the only human in this world. There are other human like you. That is the very great news because you can understand each other’s needs. Compassion is actually the instinct for human.

I heard that compassion is activated by the “Mirroring” Neuron in our brain. That could prove that we as human have potential to grow passion. Here are 4 simple steps I would like to share very briefly.

Observe, not judge.

Otherwise you will no longer to be listened. People who are judge will give you long explanation to protection and game over. You lose your change to explain subjectively.

Notice the emotion.

Emotion is like the train. Fast train. You have to specify it before or during it happens to you at least such as cold, hot sad, surprised, happy or angry.

Identify your inner needs.

Every emotion come from the needs that are either responded or not. Identify it commonly such as freedom, convenience, love, protection and stability.

Brainstorm to find the solutions that fit all.

If you think that your or other’s actions are the only ways to respond your or their needs, that is the mistake. There are so many ways to tackle all’s needs. Be creative. Brainstorm the way that tackle them all. Give yourself to talk with others.

That is not all. Now I would like to challenge you to apply these for steps to this situation.

The shopping mall has the rules them not to gather the food that was sold. The poor workers, however, broke the laws to feed their families. Thus, the shopping mall sued them.

I asked you this because I was asked too today. Please try explain this before looking my answer which is not the absolute! Just my opinion.

First, I consider my feeling and needs first. Look at myself before the world. I feel painful for both sides, and I need to understand them. Of course, the workers feel starve and insecure. They just want safety, wellness, happiness and warmth.

The interesting point I would like to present is the side of the shopping mall. Many thinks that the mall was cruel to workers. However, some can compassionate the mall that it feels trouble and would like to protect its reputation of its products. Of course, I agree. This is the business. Every business needs profits to maintain serving benefits to customers.

but there is the more important than the need of reputation.

It is teamwork and empathy toward human.

I guess that the business owner of this mall was the one who hurt most. If I were him, I would feel sad that I didn’t treat them enough. I felt so bad and I would like peace, happiness, and compassion.

I don’t agree on workers violating the laws. That can damage the mall’s benefits especially the business owners’ heart. The best way is to be courage enough to talk with each other.


  1. Great post again, Jade. I love the first point. I think when we step back and observe instead of judging, we get the distance and time to act in a compassionate way. Then there are no reflexive emotions or ego needs and we see the situation simply as it is and not with the eyes of rules and prohibitians. We all know exactly what is right or wrong.

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