Dealing with Haters with Awareness and Courage

No one was born to be hatred. No one want to be hatred. They are so ready to be loved anyway. It is just the way you look at the people who come to you. It is just the way you experience them. Everyone has their acceptable and unacceptable habits, so we have to learn how to live our lives among difference. That is how we could live peacefully.

Hatred is one of the problems we have been experienced so far. When we hate someone, it is impossible (or indifferent) to appreciate whoever you hate. What they did to you irritates or provokes you.

Unfortunately that people try to throw the responsibility to haters that they make them angry or dissatisfied. The truth is that it is “your” inner needs which have not been responded.

Whatever happens to you is not important.

How you deal with it is.

To deal with haters, you needs just two things.

First is awareness.

Sounds that awareness is the key to every solution. That is the truth. Awareness will help you create the space between you and your problem, you and people, you and situation. in this case, you and haters. When you close against the them, you can see only the bad things in them. You even search for more of them. Your mind predicts the future. The pattern of their bad things run in your mind too much that your mind doesn’t allow to see his different angles.

Be aware of the haters. Try to figure out only one or two things that you feel appreciated to them.

I know that it is hard but that is because your ego doesn’t allow you to see jewels in them.

To end the conflict between you and haters, appreciation from your awareness is not enough.

Be courage.

If you are brave enough to hate people, then you are brave enough to love people too. When you hate someone, you need him to appreciate you. When he hates you, he needs you to appreciated him too.

What you guys need to do is to be brave enough to tell them that you all appreciated each other.

This is how to end the game of hatred. Throwing hatred toward each other will just like the desert that you all will get nothing from there.

Be aware of the good points in haters. Appreciate Them. Be brave to acknowledge them. Although you fail to do, you have already open the friendship as the bridge between you and them.

That is the psychology of dealing with haters. It is the way to change them even yourselves to be the lovers.

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  1. *“your” inner needs which have not been responded* that is exactly the point! That’s the best explanation we get annoyed or irritated by other people! Very, very good!!!


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