Here is the Simplest Secret to Change the World.

There have been so many people who would like to change the world. “There are so many troubles like war, famine, poverty, crime, natural disaster, rape and so one and we have to fight against them. Together, we can do it”

That is what the social activists and famous have said so far. I know very well that their intention is merciful to the humanity, Here is the problems. they strict with their own methods. they strict with the only one ideology.

The world become hectic because of these people who claim their intention merciful.

Join the army and our country will be peaceful. Join together and we will be free. Do this and that and we will rest in peace. However, the social activists even the politicians have never know that they troubles their own kids, family and humanity. Have you ever asked that their ways are all agreed by others? Sometime those way from the people with merciful claimed intention can ignore other’s people needs and  the conflict happens everyday.

They think that their ways to change the world are absolute.

Here are some points that they have to understand.

First, the world can change without them. I always criticise one of the mahatma Ghanti quotes “In the gentle way, we can shake the world” However, there are many earthquakes and who did shake the world? not you! I definitely know. The nature did.

Do nothing. Watch! The world can change itself.

Second, if you would like to change the world, it is much simpler than you think. No, I will not tell you to tell people to do this or do that. I will encourage myself and you, reader to change ourselves. I pay the importance to the individual. Here, let’s look at this picture.


Do you see the difference between “two worlds” Just because “J” changes to “X”, these two worlds turn different!

Yes, change yourself even the little things in you, and you can change the world much easier than changing others.


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