Support the Healthy Relationship with the Social Psychology of Darkness

“Dark effect” has been researched by the social psychologists that under the normal situations, the strangers in terms of verbal and behavioural relationships are usually affected from actions, facial expression and external factors. However, with the dim light, they cannot see the facial expression and external factors of each other unclearly. However, they can become more sincere and safety in the brighter places.

We can apply the influence of darkness to love in every step of life. Here are some tricks.


1. When you and your beloved know each other, and understand basically each other, build the romantic atmosphere at night to understand each other and boost the goof feeling toward each other more and more. Try the ghost house (laugh). I mean in the amusement place. Try cinema, coffee shops, pub with the dim light or hold each other’s hand tightly and walk chilly during night. These can put sugar to your love.


2. 10 years later after you married, play the blind game. You can hold a hand of your honey closing his/her eyes, or you close your eyes and let him/her hold your hand and lead you until the end of the way. This can support your feeling of trust toward each other. Believe me. That is marvellous.


3. If you have kids, your life could be noisy. When they are outside like going to the schools or universities, try staying with your beloved together at night, darken  the light, and have a nice chat. Darkness will help you chat with the totally differently and more closely. That can boost the healthy relationship.

Darkness is not something that you have to fear. It helps you sleep. It helps you relax. When you relax, you can love. With darkness, it helps you open more. You cannot relax and have the real and healthy relationship when you repress something.


      1. OMG you have to… It is amazing to see these huge wideness… the countless lightes like sparkling diamonds on an black peace of velevet… I always get the feeling of being so very small and important at the same time. It is mind blowing…. sorry, but I really love it!!!

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