Why Won’t the Science of Success Lead to Happiness?

Success gurus say “Start with Why”

The Happy say “I don’t know why.”

Wow, start with WHY! When you would like to innovate the product and service, you have to think of something new. Innovation needs you to get insight from the customer behaviour. In the other words, why do the customers need to buy your product and use your service? and If you fail in doing business, you must ask yourself “why does it fail?”

Why, why, why? You have to ask yourself WHY? If you get the reasons and cause of everything that happens, you can deal with them. You can “do something” to change them. However, you cannot be “happy” by creating impact to cause. Happiness can happen without cause. Think about it. When you feel suffered, you you will naturally ask yourself “why are you suffered? You might visit the doctor or psychotherapist to diagnose your symptom. You can kill the cause of suffering once and for all.

However, that is not the case for the happiness. If I ask you “Hey, why are you happy?” You cannot come up with the answer immediately. You may forget especially ignore it. You may have the good health but you forgot. You may have good friends but you ignore it. Whatever that make you feel happy, you haven’t normally record it.

There is no “why” in happiness! If happiness has causes, then they can be finished and so will the happiness. Be happy without cause. Be happy with out why!

Success gurus say “Don’t give up”.

The Happy say “Give up”

There are so many success gurus suggesting you “don’t give up” They usually love to come up with the example. Hey, if J.K. Rowling gave up writing books, there would be no Harry Potter. if Bill Gates gave up coding there would be no Microsoft. Wow! Such an inspiring example, so we must not give up no matter what!

However, you won’t find any past mystics that didn’t give up. Lord Buddha gave up. Jesus gave up. Lao Tsu gave up. They taught nothing and they followed none of teachings. If you follow, you don’t give up. If you give up, you can relax and “rest in peace”. Give up, give up, give up. Give until you cannot give up. Actually, this is what any success gurus didn’t explain and clarify your understanding. J.K.Rowling wrote, so many books and she failed. if she gave up, she would have no idea what she could do except writing. Writing is her nature. Actually, she just couldn’t give up. She lived in her true nature. If you do something that against your nature and still don’t give up, you will definitely get disease. You will never relax. The workers who won’t feel tired of their work are the ones who work with their nature.

Success gurus say “Take Action”

The Happy say “Drop Action”

Have you ever heard Nike said “Just do it” That is powerful It is the Nike’s mantra. “Just do it” Yes, if you don’t take action, you will never get what you want. Your dream will never come true. You plan things so perfectly bust if you don’t take action, it is just the daydream. Like someone said “Thinking without action is the daydream. Action without thinking is the nightmare” Think! and take action!

However, you will never be happy by taking action. If you always have a dream and passion, you have to keep taking action. When will you take a rest? When will you enjoy your life? right here and right now? If you would like to change the world, stop at wherever you are! The would can change itself. You don’t have to. The ocean can wave by itself. You don’t have to. The sun can shine by itself. You don’t have to.

If Mahatma Ghanti told us “in the gentle way, you can shake the world” and you followed his word, I would shake my head, and say “you are the fool that shakes Nepal”. We don’t want any earthquakes. Thank you!

Take a rest. Your life need you to live with it.


  1. I was thinking about what you wrote about happiness. That when we are asked why we are happy we mostly don’t have an answer at hands. I totally go with that. When it is true happiness then we are in a state of happiness… and that doesn’t need a reason. Love it!

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