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The most powerful question in the world. Seems that everything that happen must have the reason. It has been “abused” in every aspects of lives especially in the business and life.

I had a chance to take the business class in the university, so I know that the lecturer tries to motivate us to ask why why why why why and why to the business idea as the assignment.

However, that is the wrong question when it comes to the happiness. Yes, happiness has no reason. I will say that again

“happiness has no its reason”

Whenever it comes, it does without telling you. What you will do if the happiness comes? Hey, please don’t come yet, I will take a bath and dress the beautiful clothes to welcome you. The moment you prepare for your happiness, it will be no longer to be your happiness because you prepare the cause, and the happiness must need no causes.

That is the completely opposite to the suffering. You need to find the causes of suffering and end them as fast as possible to feel better. “Just feel better” Just feel less suffered but that will lead you to live with the relativity. Feeling better doesn’t mean you feel happy. You just feel less sad and angry.

Happiness has no cause. It is absolute. It is like when yo get sick. You find the doctor. He will diagnose your disease, give you medicine and tell you to take a rest. However, when you feel very well, you will not ask “hey, why do I feel very well?” That is nonsense for this question. Try greeting people “Hey, how have you been?” If s/he replies “I am doing very well” try asking him/her “why?” (Laugh) If s/he feel confused and blame on you that “hey, just fine. No reason” I think s/he has no problem but you yourself. If s/he can give you answer, understand that s/he isn’t really happy because his/her happiness has the cause, and remember this

whenever the happiness has the cause, It can be ended when its cause disappear.

That is the truth. Happiness that relies on the cause is not really happiness itself. It is actually the suffering with the very low intense. When you happy and do well, you forget things and situations that bring happiness. You get used to the, However, when you feel suffered, there must be something wrong with you absolutely. Breathing is the perfect example, When you can breath properly, you completely forgot that you are breathing. However, if you have the runny nose, you will never forget that you are breathing.

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