Why is Knowing More Important than Knowledge?

I am just thinking of the university i have graduated 3 years ago. The symbol of this university is the dome. It was invented by the founder who tried to think of the perfect symbol. That time he had no idea until he pointed the pencil up to the sky, and yes! We will build the dome that is like the pencil pointing up to the sky. Write the knowledge on the sky so that we can collect all of the know ledge in this world and there will be so many students who are thirsty for the knowledge.

However, people who have lived with this concept will really miss their real live.

Knowledge will never allow you to live your live.

I don’t mean that knowledge is not good. I have knowledge. You have knowledge. Everyone has knowledge but to live only with knowledge will make you miss your life. When you feel hungry, reading only menu will not help you full. When you feel sleepy, reading and listening about the science and philosophy or sleeping won’t make you fall asleep. If you keep reading and recording only the information, you will midst the reality. You just walk and run around the truth but you have never even touch it.

To face the truth, you have to experience. That is to fresh you life.

Experience is the way to allow yourself to the single truth.

You cannot drive only by reading the how-to-drive book. You have to drive. The experience cannot be totally communicated in words. That is impossible. However, that university try to explain everything to cover all truth. Yes, that university is successful to “cover” the truth but it has never allow any single one to experience it. That is why the knowledge in the university is not enough. That is why the knowledge from your professor is not enough. How can it be enough when the professors themselves are all covered away from the truth. The university tries to write all of the knowledge on the sky. The sky is real but the knowledge is unreal . How can the unreal exist on the real one? That will not happen. No matter how many times you write words and paint the picture on the sky, they sky is still crystal clear.

Don’t find the professor. Find the master.

The master that encourage you to experience. In this time, we might call him “coach”. Experience is much more worthwhile and effective than the pile of book. You don’t have to memorise all material in the books. Just experience, then you can write about it in much more words than in the books (if you would like to)

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