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Everyone was born with nothing and they will die with nothing as if the emptiness is both the start and the end of human life. When you were born, you are deprived from the food, womb, air and much more your mother had given you. When you died, you cannot bring what you have gain so far with you – money, car, house, clothes even people you love.

Sounds like emptiness is the problem for human especially the egocentric.

They fear of having nothing, so they have to gain more and more to fulfill the emptiness.

Starting with their ego, when they were children, they misunderstood that they are so important that everyone must serve them everything. This ignorance continues even if they have grown up. They do everything to impress people and possess things more, so they throw their true selves and create their personalities, the masks that the people and society prefer. Let them fall with the self-made being s instead of their true nature then they will never have the real love and relationship. They keep pursuing and rely on others for their own happiness. Finally, they suffer from losing their natural selves and the unreal relationship. They didn’t live their real lives. The loneliness, therefore, comes to them no matter how many precious treasure and people they are surrounded.

The loneliness will not come to you when you feel peaceful and glad toward emptiness.

Starting from nothing, you can create and share things. Unlike the egocentric, you would like to achieve emptiness. When you are fortunately given, you turns sensitively thankful even the little good things and situations. You have simply realized and appreciated what and who you basically have been with even what you don’t have also since it naturally differentiates you from other individuals. You are imperfect, so you are individually perfect. Real love comes to the ones who can realize himself. Be real so that people could fall in love in what you truly are not what you cling on.

Appreciation toward each others could turn you to be so overwhelming that you “have to” share! without expecting return.

Finally, you reach Aloneness, a sense of oneness. You are complete. You basically don’t need anybody. You can dance freely with nobody. You are enough.

Now you understand well that to realize yourself is the path to the real love. Open yourself more than protect. Remember yourself more than forget it. Appreciate more than depreciate. Share more than take. Be not become. Celebrate not desperate.

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  1. Wonderful post. That’s a great explanation about finding back to oneness. I am sorry, still did not start reading your book. But I have it marked as priority one as soon as I have a little space left.

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