The Secret to End the Monkey Mind

I could say that the monkey mind is one of the challenges of meditation. Meditation has become interesting for many centuries but sadly that there are so many people giving up on meditation too early because ether have the monkey mind.

Why “monkey”?

and Why do we face the monkey mind only when we meditate?

Usually, you don’t have the monkey mind when you spend your daily lifestyles. The office and home works will help you focus on them. You use all of your five sense when you are awake.

Whenever you close one of your five senses, the other for will work with the higher quality. Try closing your eyes and you will hear better. Try closing your ears and eyes, and you will taste, smell and feel better. That is the beginning of appreciation and awareness.

However, that will become problem when you meditate. You close your eyes, and you will sense the huge stream of thoughts. People usually becomes irritated at this very moment. They misunderstood that they must think nothing during meditation. They try to suppress their thoughts sop hard like they stand in the river to stop its flow. That will unnecessarily create the stress to you without notice. Whenever you feel stressful and irritated, you are no longer meditate. That is the trouble from the monkey mind and you have to notice the monkey in you before you fall in its trick.

There was the monk I met 5 years ago and I found that his suggestion was not completely applicable to me. (but it is still healthy) He suggested that whenever you think, notice that moment and come back to yourself. That sounds “too” simple. Thought will come to you continuously. Accept them and let them go.

Problem is you haven’t observe the roots of thought yet. Your thoughts come from nowhere but your desire.

Yes, your desire. That is the root of all thoughts. To accept and let go of your thought is not effective enough. You haven’t reached the root of thoughts test. To do that, be compassionate to yourself, understand the desire behind your thoughts. Know what you want. Is it responded? If yes, celebrate and put it down. If not, accept and put it down. The more you understand your needs, your passion, your desire behind your thoughts, the more you can distinguish your thought. the monkey in you will go away from you. Just keep repel your thoughts is just like keeping forcing monkey to stay still. To lay your desire is like to repel the monkey away.

The end of the monkey mind

is the compassion toward to yourself.

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