Why is Sacrifice the Worst Strategy to Live Your Life?

Live you life. Right here. Right Now.

That is the only suggestion that you can dance your life with the harmony.

We have been taught for many years that the past, present and the future have been connected but actually they have never been connected. They present has never been the center of the past and the future, and there is no future but the past. Our mind is tricky in this way. Our minds know only the past. It is full of memories you have been experienced so far. You will lear what is goo to you and what is not. You learn from the past, and then you project it. That projected past is your future. If your past is wonderful, you will likely to make it happen again. If it is terrible, you will not let it happen to you again. That is the the future that you modified from the past.

However, both future and the past

are the by-product of your mind.

They are unreal. They are old. They are smelly. If you keep them, you will become unreal and smelly. Being right here and right now will keep you fresh and now.

The door of the past shuts. The door of the future opens. The miracle happens when you are at the present.

Unfortunately that most people are not satisfied in what they are and what they have had so far. They always dream for the brighter future. That is the trick of the society. The society will become meaningless if individual has been joyful. The society, business, especially your government always promote their promise. The promise that together, we will achiever the brighter future. Hope and desire are the most used words to lure citizen to sacrifice the present for the future that has not come yet. How many times that people have to sacrifice their lives? 

The famous quote “to help others is to lose yourself in the service” will divert people not to live their lives. No one can help each other by losing yourself. “You” must be there first to help others. In the other words, be selfish, and be selfish “enough” to help others. Don’t sacrifice your present for tomorrow. Tomorrow has never come. Whenever it comes, it has already been the present. If you miss your present moment, you will definitely miss your future.

Thus, please be at the present. This very moment i very short unlike the past and the future. You have to grap this moment. The moment that you are reading this.

There is the one sentence for the Buddism chanting to admires the Lord Buddha. “ Lord Buddha is beyond time” Sounds marvellous but that is because monks make it marvellous.

To be beyond time is simple. Just live with the very present moment that you neither connect the past nor the future.


  1. Wow, love this post. There is a lot in it. I love the part about losing ourselves in helping others. Again I come back to that quote: “We can’t give away what we don’t have.” Only what we develop from within can be of support. Otherwise it is of no quality because it has no soul and therefore won’t be appreciated.
    The longer the more I understand that time stuff and that acutally there is no time. Don’t get it yet completely but I feel it more and more. Anyway, only in the present moment we lay the base for a future present moment. Wonderful post, Jade – as always 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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