Secret Lesson from Adolf Hitler’s Creativity

Yes, you read right. Adolf Hiter, the one whom people called him the murder, the bloodthirsty general of the world. Whatever you call him, he was not born to be the cruel solider. Just like other criminals and killers. Where do they come from. It is impossible them many little cute babies opened their eyes and said “yeah, God told me that I was chosen to destroy the world” No, that is not possible. There will be something world that happen to them and Adolf Hitler is the one of them.

Adolf Hitler should not become the bloodthirsty general who homicide people. If you look his early life, you all be surprised that he would like to be the artist and architect. Here are the pictures he painted.














After I found these pictures, in my opinion, they are all beautiful. He drew them from his own imaginary world. That is his pure intelligence. It is better than some famous painters who just brushed their colours too much with their too much emotions. They vomited their emotions. Those pictures are insane. They are vomit. People who admires those picture are going to insane.

However, not the pictures of Adolf Hitler (other famous painters). He is talent. Actually, too talent to be understood. So many universities in German refused his works and accept him to study further in art.

and that was when the German education turned him to become the legendary devil of the world. Like I said before, it is impossible for the one who was once innocent to become bloodthirstily and insane. There must be something wrong to people. Adolf Hitler was once the victim of the insane education. Actually, the education in the most countries including here Thailand where the investment in education is highest in the world (yet fail!)

If you observed Adolf Hitler’s life after he achieved the highest political power, he ordered people to build things designed by him. Of course, the German at that time said that those are ugly. However, in my opinion, they were all creative.

That is why people who lack of the power creativity are always thirsty for the political power. Look at the politicians in the parliament in your own countries. What are the fields of study they graduated most? Laws, Political Science, Economics…Boring. You will never see the dancers, singers, superstars, artists walk around the parliament. If they would like to create something, just do it. You don’t need even the single drop of political power. The one who needs political power has no creativity at all. To be honest, I don’t agree on the current Thai prime minister who announce that he will utilize the political power for creativity. That is as insane as Adolf Hitler in his late life.

Creativity needs no political power. It needs your awareness to see different dimensions in the different situations.

Connect the things that seem unrelated together. Humorous environment comes to you when you a re creative. In the parliament, there is always the violent arguments. Just in your home (or the coffee shop), there will always be the celebration of laughing and loving.

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