Precious Lessons from Independence and Interdependence

People always misunderstood between these two concepts. I know many of my friends who are so strong and mature that they are able to do more and more things and rely less on others. I feel impressed because the more they are responsible to their lives, the more freedom they can dance. Look around you. There are so many people who keep dreaming to dance with the freedom but they can just dream and fear to make it real. I mean they would like to enjoy their freedom but they don’t want to be responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions. It is impossible that freedom can exist without responsibility. This is one of the natural truths when you are still alive. This about this, if you can be responsible for your behaviours and mind, there will be no one would like to “involve your business”. This concept is favourable for the individualism that the western countries have followed so far. That is what the independence means. Responsibility, and I don’t mean that you must carry out the difficult burden on your shoulder. That is definitely wrong for this word.

Responsibility is just the ability to response to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So, stop blaming other people and situations that affect to you. They are just motivate your inner needs which are yours. All yours. Those must be concerned in your responsibility. Yes, response your own needs.

However, you will find the weakness of the concept of individualism and independence. The problem is you cannot do everything of course. You cannot be responsible for almost everything. For example, if one day your electricity is ran out of your  country and i teach you about responsibility, will you go outside your house and ride a bike to produce the electricity like the hamster running on the wheel continuously?

Yes, you cannot be responsible for everything. That is when the concept of the interdependence comes. Be clear on the difference between independence and interdependence, and you need both to create peace and harmony in your lives and this world too. The key of interdependence is “compassion”. Oh, don’t misunderstand that i have to ask you to believe in the compassion. There is no need to do that.

The needs of human are so common that everyone can understand the happiness when needs are fulfilled and the tension when they aren’t.

Although the feeling from the responded or unmet needs is the individual experience, you can understand it. If I get cold, you don’t get cold with me, so you don’t know how I feel bad right here and now. However, you can understand me because you had the experience of getting cold before.

Compassion is so powerful. When one understand others’ needs, one will help response their needs as if they are one’s (with the clear communication). That is the concept of interdependence.

People can understand other’s needs and help each other.

Balance between independence and interdependence.

You are weak if you rely too much on interdependence

but you will be ignorant if you rely too much on the independence.


  1. Amazing post! I see people all the time who like to dream about fulfilling their lifelong goals but never making any efforts to make it happen. A saying a mentor once told me was that rather than telling people what you want to do, show it to them instead. You gain more respect and admiration from proof rather than just words. anyone can say they can sing but very few can show it. Be the evidence rather the theory.

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  2. Wow, that’s another great one, Jade! I love this line: “It is impossible that freedom can exist without responsibility.” And everybody who does not take responsibility for their lives will never be free!

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  3. If responsibility for yourself encompasses the recognition of one’s own responsibilites for others as well, I’d agree. Otherwise, I am afraid, there might be a serious flaw in your argument.

    Greetings from Germany and many a thanks for stopping by,

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    1. Of course it did. Responsibility, to be original, is to be able to response both our and other’s thoughts. words and actions. To be specific, understand the needs and feeling behind them. That is how we response (instead of reacting).

      Thank you for your kind concern.

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      1. I’d still disagree on the point that unterstanding other peoples behaviour is not a prerequisite for one’s own responsibility.

        E.g. if you are rich, your responsibility is to share some of that wealth with the poor and needy, regardless of the motivations of those poor and needy.

        In short, there exist different layers and I am not of the opinion that one rule which might apply to one single layer, can be made into a universal rule to be applied to all. 🙂

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        1. Like I said before, responsibility is just to be able to response. Most people misunderstood this word including myself in the past that responsibility is to carry the burden of our own actions (especially mistakes).

          Therefore, if you were rich, you wouldn’t have to share any money to anybody. it is all up to you. Don’t care that people will consider you, the rich, as selfish.

          You will become responsible when you become “too” rich. It is like when you are full from having dinner. You have to pass dishes to others. If you keep taking it, you will vomit.

          You “have to” share what you have not because you are carry the burden to do so but because you feel full and uncomfortable.

          No one even laws and any beliefs can force you to share. Those teachings are unnecessary.

          You share what you have by yourself when you feel “enough”.

          Sharing what you have will just response your feeling. That is the responsibility. When that time comes, you don’t care what kind of takers, priest, poor or even greedy. They can help you to feel more comfortable by receiving what you “have to” share.

          Thus, responsibility with the wrong definition people misunderstood is not the prerequisite for everyone. That is what you mean. In that case, I disagree too.

          Thank you for pointing this. 😉


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